Sin's Pride
Mandy M. Roth

Sin's Pride
Mandy M. Roth

Annora knows a lot about her best friend, Singh—including the fact that he is a lion shapeshifter and has a notoriously wicked way with women.She secretly longs to experience that passion herself, but doesn't dare risk their friendship. Then Sin's usual flirting becomes way more intimate. Suddenly, neither of them can resist their desire—even though according to pride rules, their union is forbidden. . . .

Annora knows a lot about her best friend, Singh—including the fact that he is a lion shapeshifter and has a notoriously wicked way with women. She secretly longs to experience that passion herself, but doesn’t dare risk their friendship.

Then Sin’s usual flirting becomes way more intimate.

Suddenly, neither of them can resist their desire—even though according to pride rules, their union is forbidden…

Sin’s Pride

Mandy M. Roth (

Chapter One

Annora licked her lower lip as she stared at her longtime friend and roommate, still unsure if she’d heard right. Never did she think bringing in an armful of groceries and questioning the odd look he’d worn upon his face would lead to a conversation so intimate. “What did you just say?” she asked, positive there was no way Singh could have said what she thought he did.

Singh grinned, his amber gaze mischievous, as he took the bag of sugar from her hand and placed it on the top shelf. His hand brushed over hers and Annora could have sworn her skin was on fire.

Of course his touch is searing. He’s Sin. Everything about him is hot enough to scorch anything and everything in its path.

His shaggy blond hair fell forward, partially covering one eye. Annora held back from pushing the hair from his face and ruffling it. She wanted to see those sexy whiskey-colored eyes staring down at her, filled to the brim with passion.

I bet he has phenomenal bedroom looks.

His lips were full, giving him an air of innocence, one Annora knew better than to fall for. She’d heard of his wicked ways.

“I only wanted to know if you’ve ever been mounted before,” he said. “That’s all.” “That’s all?” she echoed, her pulse speeding at the thought of Singh taking her from behind. Would he be a gentle lover and surprise her or would he be what she expected—hard and demanding? She swallowed back the lump in her throat and tried to focus on putting away the groceries from the countertop. It was hard to do with Singh standing so close and wearing so little.

His faded jeans were slung low and left the tiniest start of dark blond hair showing. The curls disappeared beneath the top of his jeans, taunting her. If that wasn’t torturous enough, the rippling muscles of his torso left Annora’s mouth dry. She wanted to run her tongue over his steely contours and know what it was like to have Singh buried within her.

He’s your best friend. Stop thinking like that.

“So, are you planning on answering my question?” he asked, putting a can of vegetables away. Such a mundane act during a conversation so heated was trademark Singh. “Have you ever been mounted? It’s a simple question.”

No. She’d never been mounted, but had little desire to share the truth with him. It was too humiliating to admit all the things she’d never done but longed to—all of them were things she wanted to do with him. Annora let her voice drop before confessing, “Sin, I don’t ask you about your sex life.”

Because I couldn’t bear to hear how you touched another.

He slid around her, pressing his body close and turning her to face the ornate tiled backsplash as he put another can away. He positioned his mouth over her ear and his warm breath caressed her skin. Tiny sparks of passion rushed through her body. “You can ask me anything, Annora. The time of me keeping secrets has come to an end.”

“Secrets? What’s that supposed to mean?” She knew more about him than most. Annora was privy to the fact Singh was more than human. Something he kept a secret from those outside his immediate circle. She didn’t think he kept anything from her. Obviously, she was wrong.

Singh rubbed against her, his clothed erection pressed against the small of her back. At six foot two, he was just shy of being a foot taller than her. Every time he was near, he left Annora feeling protected and cherished. It had always been that way. What had changed was Singh’s behavior over the last few weeks. He’d always been playful and flirtatious with her before, but it had moved past innocent and into the realm of bedroom conduct. They’d been roommates for close to three years and best friends ever since she could remember. This behavior was welcomed to a point. As much as she longed for Singh to see her as she saw him, his friendship was something she couldn’t risk losing. He was her everything.

“It means that—” he thrust against her “—I finally figured a few things out.” A manly chuckle escaped his lips. “Took me long enough.”

Annora’s breath caught as her pussy clenched. Moisture pooled at the apex of her thighs and her breasts felt heavy with desire. She knew Singh could not only sense her arousal but smell it as well. Denying he turned her on was pointless.

Putting her palms on the Corian countertop, she exhaled slowly, hoping it would calm her raging hormones. It didn’t. All it served to do was leave her pressing her backside against Singh’s body. He was erect, scarily so. It had been far too long since she’d known the feel of pleasure. She couldn’t help but close her eyes and rub against him.

He purred, the sound resonating through her. She moaned and tipped her head back. Singh chuckled softly, yanking her from her sexual stupor. She tried to step away, but he kept her pinned in place. His display of dominance left Annora fighting the natural-born instinct to submit and give him whatever he desired.

“Answer me, Annora,” he whispered, his mouth to her ear. “Have you ever been mounted?”

“S-Singh?” she asked, her voice failing her and coming out as little more than a stuttered plea. She sounded weak, even to herself. He was too close. Too overwhelming.

“Have you—” he shoved his clothed cock against her ass “—ever been—” he simulated sex “—mounted?”

“No.” It was faint but there. She shook her head, holding on to the counter for dear life. Only in her wildest dreams had Singh acted this way with her. She’d longed to have him look at her with lust in his eyes, to have him dominate her the way she’d heard he liked to dominate his women.

His women.

The thought of Singh being with other women was the equivalent of having a bucket of ice water dumped over her head. It cooled her ardor. She jerked, trying to get away. Singh held her in place, pushing her long black hair aside and kissing her shoulder.

“Stop thinking so loud.”

Her brow furrowed. Forming a complete thought was easier said than done in her current state. “What?”

He nibbled at her neck, making her knees feel weak. “Your thoughts.” He licked her earlobe and she would have melted into a puddle at his feet had he not had his body pressed so tightly to hers. “I can hear them.”

That was absurd. He couldn’t hear her thoughts. Only a mated pair of shifters could tap into one another’s thoughts. She knew what Singh was—a male cat shifter. He was a lion, as was her father. It was the only reason she knew the truth about him. Annora lacked the ability to shift forms. The only extra gift she had was heightened senses. Nothing more had been passed on. Her father had been looked down upon for his moment of weakness in bedding a human female. Never did he think the consequences would be around twenty-two years later. Her mother had abandoned her with her father’s people when she learned what her father was.

A monster.

That’s what Annora’s mother had called her father—what she’d called her own flesh and blood.

Her father’s people had taken her in, even though they, and all shifters, looked down their noses at her. All but Singh. He seemed immune to the fact she wasn’t a full-blood.

He kissed her neck and swayed against her. “You smell good.”

Annora stilled and stopped fighting the smile attempting to form. “I smell the same as I always do.”

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