Mastering Delphi 6

Mastering Delphi 6

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Still the Best Delphi Resource A Fully Revised Version of the Book That Won the Delphi Informant Readers Choice Award If you're looking to capitalize on the powerful capabilities of the latest release of Delphi, Mastering Delphi 6 is the one resource you can't do without. Practical, tutorial-based coverage helps you develop key skills, solve tough problems, and build and implement sophisticated functionality in your database, client/server, and Internet applications. The special insights of Delphi expert Marco Cantu you an extra advantage as you complete successful projects and progress towards Delphi mastery. Coverage includes: Getting to know the new run-time library (RTL) Learning to use the VCL and CLX visual libraries Developing custom components Creating data-aware controls and custom datasets Mastering database programming with BDE and dbExpress Mastering client/server programming with InterBase Interfacing with Microsoft's ADO using the dbGo component set Taking advantage of Delphi's support for COM, OLE Automation, and COM+ Programming for a multitiered application architecture Taking advantage of Delphi's support for XML and SOAP technologies Building practical, powerful Web applications Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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