It's Only Love

Аудиокнига It's Only Love

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The new Green Mountain Romance from the New York Times bestselling author of And I Love Her.Ella Abbott has long been secretly in love with Gavin Guthrie. A few recent encounters have only added to her infatuation, especially the kiss they shared at her sisters wedding. It doesnt matter to Ella that Gavin is in a bad place. He says theres no hope for a future with him, that he has nothing to offer her. But all Ella cares about is the love she feels.Its been seven long years since Gavin lost his brother. Hed kept himself under control and moving forward until his brothers beloved dog died and his brothers widow re-married. Since then, hes been drinking, fighting, and even getting arrested. It seems the only time his demons leave him alone is when Ella is around.Gavin knows it wouldnt be fair to drag Ella into his darkness, but when she inserts herself into his life, what choice does he have but to allow her to soothe his aching heart?

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