Mills & Boon Stars Collection: Seductive Nights: A Deal with Alejandro

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An unforgettable passion…Alejandro Aguilar never mixes business with pleasure but his newest employee Elise Jameson, is refreshingly different and irresistibly intoxicating. Working together on a high-octane, multi-billion dollar merger, exhilaration could get the better of them… *When aspiring actress Goldie Beckett tells powerful Gael Aguilar she’s pregnant she’s not prepared for his reaction. Born illegitimate, there’s no way Gael will ever allow the same fate to befall his child. Now he must get Goldie to agree to the role of a life time – his wife!*Reeling from a family tragedy, champion figure-skater Carla Nardozzi lost her virginity to Javier Santino in an uncharacteristic night of oblivion.Three years later, Carla needs Javier’s help but Javier wants retribution. Until he remembers the passion between them….

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