The Price Of Desire: The Price of Success / The Cost of Her Innocence / Not For Sale

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The Price of SuccessMarco de Cervantes, owner of the Espiritu racing team, can’t stand the fact that Sasha Fleming isn’t above using her wide-eyed beauty and tempting curves to become Espiritu’s first female racing driver. The infuriating thing is – she’s the best driver around!The Cost of Her InnocenceNewly free Beth Lazenby is determined to make a fresh start. Until she encounters Dante Cannavaro, the lawyer who helped wrongfully imprison her. So when their anger boils over into passion, how will she tell him she’s carrying his heir?Not For SaleWhen Lucas Vieira hires translator Caroline Hamilton to seal a high-profile business deal, she’s shocked when he asks if she can also pose as his girlfriend! The Brazilian seems to be interested in more than her brains…but is the price of passion just too high?"

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