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A Peacock Song. Part Two

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A Peacock Song. Part Two
Nataliya Bogoluibova

В индийском цирке похищен слонёнок Пончик. Львы пропали из своих клеток. Украдены клоунские ботинки… Банда орудует в городе! Преступники настроены враждебно и очень опасны. Следствие ведут опытные сыщики: находчивый и самовлюбленный павлин Криш, а также веселый бурундук Раджа, который виртуозно водит рикшу по пыльным индийским дорогам. Тигрица Кайра – вегетарианка. Она ведет здоровый образ жизни, обожает заниматься йогой и готовить фруктовые коктейли. Кайра поможет отыскать таинственного похитителя и вернуть слоненка в цирк.Во время увлекательного, но полного опасностей путешествия по Индии Раджу удается осуществить свою давнюю мечту – увидеть Тадж-Махал.Эта книга будет полезна всем, кто изучает английский язык. Рассказы способствуют увеличению словарного запаса, развитию навыков разговорной речи, а также быстрому и легкому изучению грамматики.В книге использованы иллюстрации и фотографии автора.

Nataliya Bogoluibova

A Peacock Song. Part Two


Amita the Juggler was searching Sparky’s dressing room. “The clown seems to be obsessed with shoes! There are so many of them! Does he change boots every hour? I doubt it. There must be another explanation! But now I can’t guess what these shoes and boots are for…”

“Wait a moment! I’ve got an idea! Sparky may be hiding something very special among all these shoes!” Amita exclaimed. She counted the boots and the shoes. Then she paired them and found an odd boot that had no pair.

“There might be something hidden in the boot heel,” she thought. Amita took scissors and ripped the heel off. A silver coin flashed inside, reflecting the faint light from the door.

Meanwhile, Krish was looking through morning newspapers; headlines saying, “No wild animals are permitted to perform in circuses in India. To stop cruelty against animals in circuses across India …From now and then, it’s illegal to force bears, monkeys, tigers, lions, elephants, dogs, camels, horses, and birds to perform in circuses or any other kind of show!””

“Have you heard the news?” Barry the Parrot dashed into the room. He fluffed his feathers in excitement.

Krish the Peacock replied, “Of course. It’s everywhere. In the papers and on the circus billboards!”

“Sparky and others are leaving the circus! They can’t perform anymore!” Raja shouted as he joined them.

“Now they will get dispersed! I mean…the kidnappers. We’ll have to chase them all over India!” Krish lamented.

“That’s not all that I came to tell you!” Raja the Chipmunk lifted his head; his eyes were sparkling mysteriously.

The boot where Sparky was hiding the coin

“Come on! Don’t keep us in suspense!” Krish whooped.

Raja blurted out, “Amita the Juggler was bewitched!”

“I’ve already known this,” Barry the Parrot mumbled.

“Really? Why didn’t you tell us about it?” Krish asked.

“I promised Amita not to tell anyone what had happened to her,” Barry explained, “I couldn’t reveal her secret!”

Raja continued, “Amita found a silver coin in the clown’s shoe a few hours ago! There’s a parrot printed in the coin. Can you imagine that? There’s my name printed there too!”

“That’s news!” Barry the Parrot cried out. “Very curious.”

“Raja is an extremely popular name. We’ve got Raja Park in Jaipur! Did you know that?” Krish said, “Where is Amita?”

“She’s in the circus. Let’s go and look at the coin!” Raja insisted. “I’ll call on Oliver to join us.”

They met Oliver at the corner of Raja Park. Barry said, “Sparky the Ostrich won’t perform in Jaipur anymore.”

“I know. Sparky’s going to Agra.” Oliver the Lizard was in deep sorrow. “I’ve lost an opportunity to see him. I counted on his magic! Oh, my tail…I will never have a new one.”

He was sobbing quietly. Krish brought him a cup of coffee from the nearest cafeteria.

“Never give up,” he tried to encourage him.

“Are we going to look for Donut the Elephant?” Oliver said.

“Well, I’ve got something to tell you,” Krish whooped. “We’ve already found Donut!”

Oliver tossed questions at him, “Where? Is he all right?”

Krish took out the elephant figurine out of his jacket pocket and said, “Donut was bewitched as Amita. A huge elephant was turned into this little sandalwood figurine. He can talk, walk, and even devour peanuts.”