Russian Law Journal № 3/2018 (Том VI)

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The is designed to encourage research especially in Russian law and legal systems of the countries of Eurasia. It covers recent legal developments in this region, but also those on an international and comparative level.
The RLJ is not sponsored or affliated with any university, it is an independent All-Russian interuniversity platform, initiated privately without any support from government authorities.
The RLJ encourages comparative research by those who are interested in Russian law, but also seeks to encourage interest in all matters relating to international public and private law, civil and criminal law, constitutional law, civil rights, the theory and history of law, and the relationships between law and culture and other disciplines. A special emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary legal research.
The RLJ is published in English and appears four times per year. All articles are subject to professional editing by native English-speaking legal scholars.
The RLJ is indexed by Scopus and ESCI Web of Science.

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