Blue Smoke

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The blaze that night at her familys pizzeria changed young Reena Hales life in more ways than one. Neighbors and relatives would pull together to help the Hales get through the crisis and rebuild. The Baltimore authorities would arrest the arsonist responsible. But as Reena gazed into the fire, beheld its brutal beauty and destructive power, her destiny began to take shape. She would study, struggle, and walk the gauntlet to understand and master its terrible forceand one day become an investigator herself.But she is not the only one fascinated by the flames. Someone else sees their power as welland is obsessed not with conquering the fire but with controlling it, owning it, using it to exact vicious revenge.When Reena achieves her goal and joins the arson unit, her strength and wits are constantly tested. Though sometimes the job seems like a snap compared to her love life. One relationship after another has ended for hersome in tragedy or drama, some not with a bang but with a whimper. And she cant always blame themafter all, a soot-caked woman barking orders and smelling of smoke isnt the biggest turn-on in the world. Then she meets Bo Goodnight, who seems different. Hes been trying to find Reena for years, and now that she is close enough to touch, he has no intention of letting go.Nor does the man who has begun to haunt Reenas lifewith taunting phone calls and a string of horrifying crimes. And as Reena tries desperately to trace the originsof the calls, the fires, the hatred aimed in her directionshe will step into the worst inferno she has ever faced.

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