Courting Catherine

Аудиокнига Courting Catherine

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A Lasting LegacyCatherine &quote;C.C.&quote; Calhoun is determined to keep her family's estate, known affectionately as the Towers, in the family. She admits the cost of keeping up the crumbling mansion might be quickly exceeding what C.C., her sisters and her aunt can afford, but the only way to save the house can't be to sell it. Especially not to arrogant and handsome hotel magnate Trenton St. James III.Trent doesn't believe in mixing business with pleasure, especially with a woman who expectsand deservestrue love and marriage. Trent has little faith in either. And yet, C.C.'s passion and purpose begin to change his mind about the Towersand about love. But can he have one without sacrificing the other?&quote; Roberts weaves a story like no one else, and if possible, she just gets better.&quote; Rocky Mountain News

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