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Аудиокнига Adventures in Time and Space with Max Merriwell

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Cruise into murder, mayhem, and alternate realities. Award-winning author Pat Murphy takes us aboard a luxury cruise ship and into the strange confluence of time and space known as the Bermuda Triangle. Susan Galina and her friend Pat are relaxing on a luxury cruise ship heading from New York to Europe via Bermuda. Trouble begins when one of the passengers, author Max Merriwell, receives a threatening note that appears to come from one of his own pseudonyms. Susan hears wolves howling, passengers are seized with a dancing mania, and monsters lurk in the corridors. An eyewitness reports a murder that seems not to have happened. While others struggle to understand these strange events, Pat seeks the explanation in quantum physics, in this suspenseful, funny, and fast-paced science fiction romp.

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