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Аудиокнига Time Heals No Wounds

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Freshly trained detective Johannes Hannes Niehaus is brand-new to the Criminal Investigation Department. And his partner, unconventional veteran detective Fritz Janssen, isnt the least bit thrilled to train a rookie.When a womans body washes up on the nearby shores of the Baltic Sea, Hannes gets his first taste of real crimeand a chance to prove himself. Quickly the investigation pulls him and Fritz into a whirlpool of dangerous, decades-old cover-ups. As the death count rises, the clues begin to lead them back to the Third Reichand to harrowing crimes some people will do anything to keep hidden.With the dead womans beautiful assistant to protect and a missing girl to find, Hannes navigates an ever-twisting maze of concealed horrors and enduring vendettas. Will he be able to catch the murderer before another innocent life gets caught in the killers dark plan?

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