Audel Guide to the 2002 National Electrical Code

Audel Guide to the 2002 National Electrical Code

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Get a grip on the 2002 NEC The 2002 NEC is here-but what do the changes mean for you on the job? This easy-to-follow interpretive guide walks you article by article through the 2002 Code, clarifying terms, explaining new standards, highlighting compliance issues, and providing practical worksite tips. It's the one reference you need to make sense of the NEC-and make sure each job gets done by the book. * Know the rules for wiring design, protection, methods, and materials * Identify standards that apply for general use equipment * Discover what the Code says about electrical requirements for service stations, industrial plants, health care facilities, and other special occupancies * Find out about special equipment used in office partitions, information technology systems, swimming pools, and more * Examine emergency systems, remote control circuits, optical fiber cables, and other special conditions * Understand new standards for today's communications systems

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