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Safe Food: What to eat and drink in pregnancy
Rosie Dodds

Safe Food: What to eat and drink in pregnancy
Rosie Dodds

Hannah Hunter Hulme

Key issues for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Practical help and the latest research from the NCTWhat you eat and drink in pregnancy and the choices you need to make may seem like a minefield to a first-time mother.Safe foods and those to avoid such as soft cheese, shellfish, unwashed salads, pate and liver are listed in this book as well as information on the supplements it is wise to take, including folic acid and the calories you need to feed your growing foetus.Alcohol and common drugs such as aspirin add to the information on safe or unsafe substances.The book also covers eating during breastfeeding – do the same rules apply?

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Safe foods

Hannah Hulme Hunter and Rosemary Dodds

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Meals should be times when we can sit back and enjoy the taste of good food. They should be times when our busy lives slow down a little, when we can chat with friends or family – or simply think our own thoughts. They should be times for rebuilding our energy, so we return to our work or our play with enthusiasm.

But eating is, of course, more than occasions. Eating a balanced diet is perhaps the single most important contribution we can make to our own wellbeing.

During pregnancy you are sharing your food and drink with your unborn baby. You are responsible for her growth and healthy development, as well as your own wellbeing. A good eating pattern during pregnancy: helps your body cope with the special demands of being pregnant; has a positive influence on the future health of your baby; builds up stores of energy and nutrients for times of need; and prepares your body for breastfeeding and nurturing your baby.

But it may not be easy during pregnancy to change your eating habits. Pregnancy is a very busy time for many women – working, looking after a home and family and fitting in clinic appointments. At the same time, you may not be feeling well – you may have pregnancy sickness or tiredness, and you may feel uncomfortably full and big. You may worry about putting on too much weight – or about not putting on enough. Many women are concerned about food safety – there seem to be so many rules and warnings about paté and eggs and soft cheeses. Sometimes it just seems easier to open another packet of chocolate biscuits! And so we decided to write this book.

The information in this book is based on sound scientific research. If the findings of the research are unclear, we say so. We offer you clear and unbiased information – but we do not make decisions for you. Each woman reading this will have unique needs and priorities, and you alone can make the decisions that suit your life. Only when risks are clear-cut do we firmly state a recommended course of action.

Whether you are planning to get pregnant, are newly pregnant or due to have your baby next month, we hope that this book will guide you, ease some of your anxieties – and support you when making food decisions during pregnancy. Above all, we hope this book will help make eating fun.

Hannah Hulme Hunter

Rosemary Dodds

September 1998

1 What is ‘healthy eating’? (#ulink_374d5004-9d6c-5c53-88eb-9590a6efd2a3)

Healthy eating is about choosing a balance of food, and feeling your best physically and mentally. Healthy eating is about real food – and enjoying eating.

In this chapter we describe the main food groups, explain why they are important and talk about the part that each group plays in a healthy and balanced diet.
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