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A new book from bestselling author, award-winning educator, and founder of the Ron Clark Academy provides 101 revolutionary and powerful ways for parents, teachers, and communities to uplift, educate, and raise the children of America. Ron Clarks breakout bestseller, The Essential 55, lit a fire under parents and teachers everywhere to raise their standards and expect the best from our children. Using the proceeds, Ron established the non-profit Ron Clark Academy (RCA), a revolutionary model school located in Atlanta whose mission is to have a profound impact on the lives and futures of all students who enter. Each year some 3,000 teachers from around the world visit the school to see how thinking outside the box can help create winning results.Now, Ron shares the wisdom he has painstakingly learned from building a school from the ground up. There are many groundbreaking in invaluable lessons here for teachers on how to promote success and get the most from each and every lesson, but this is also for parents and the community, as we all have a share in the responsibility of raising inspired and creative kids.The RCA way demands that we change the way we teach our kids. This includes:  Only reward excellence. Parents and teachers should have high expectations for their kids and not give a cookie for average work.  Education is a shared responsibility. Parents need to be as involved in their kids education as teachers.  Teach to the brightest in the room, but uplift the students who have the furthest to go.  Only the best teachers should be hired and retained. This means increasing pay, but also changing the tenure system.It is time to Get on the Desk and make every school in America an excellent school that values every student.

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