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Sara Douglass
Enchanter: Book Two of the Axis Trilogy

Enchanter: Book Two of the Axis Trilogy
Sara Douglass

Epic fantasy in the tradition of Trudi Canavan, Fiona McIntosh and Robert Jordan. Sara Douglass returns us to a world in the grip of prophecy and war …‘Welcome Axis, into the House of SunSoar and into my heart… Sing well and fly high and may nothing and no-one tear your feet from the path of the Star Dance again.’Axis has fled to Talon Spike, the home of the Icarii, where he must learn to wield his Enchanter powers to fulfil the Prophecy.Somehow he must lead the Icarii and the Avar back into Achar, defeat his half-brother Borneheld and reunite the former kingdom of Tencendor under his rule.Meanwhile, Gorgrael waits impatiently for winter, to continue his destructive drive into the heart of Achar…



Book Two of The Axis Trilogy

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The Axis trilogy continues for Lynne, Tim and

Frances, with a nod and a smile for Pachelbel,

whose haunting Canon in D provided the

background for the writing of Enchanter.

Enchanter is the axis, and it remembers Elinor, who died when she and I were far too young.

Courage my Soul, now learn to wield

The weight of thine immortal Shield.

Close on thy Head thy Helmet bright.

Ballance thy Sword against the Fight.

See where an Army, strong as fair,

With silken Banners spreads the air.

Now, if thou bee’st that thing Divine,

In this day’s Combat let it shine:

And shew that Nature wants an Art

To conquer one resolved Heart.


“A Dialogue Between The Resolved Soul, and Created Pleasure”


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The Prophecy of the Destroyer (#ud1eb2f47-41ed-5f30-bd13-70a5dcaac404)

Prologue: The Ruins of Gorkenfort (#uab12061b-ecec-5f51-ac3e-618b0590fffe)

1. Jervois Landing – Arrivals (#ube0a81f1-896b-5586-9ae0-7dca6eb8854b)

2. Talon Spike (#u7f26b595-4c75-5e9a-adfd-746fb1afc0d7)

3. The Wolven (#uf2e63907-53dc-5170-a77f-da380c6b18be)

4. Learning the Star Dance (#u31929ba4-19d8-5a29-846b-f586361393d9)

5. The Rebel Army (#ua00f7ff1-1f62-5c28-bfe2-dcb1c5d67a79)

6. New Responsibilities, Old Friends (#u78bf18f4-f18e-5d2a-bfa4-be3e021fab9a)

7. Dark Man, Dear Man (#u89e952d9-82b2-55ac-872b-2eb6d8fb20e5)

8. The Brother-Leader Plans (#u1a8d6cb4-9f55-59ea-ba4b-93d1cd103bf8)
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