The Beaumont Brothers: Not the Boss's Baby

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Together in one place we bring Sarah M. Anderson’s sinfully seduction Beaumont Brothers!Not the Boss’s Baby by Sarah M. AndersonChadwick Beaumont is head of the family company, and he promised he would do things differently – including keeping away from his sexy secretary. But Serena Chase is suddenly single and in the midst of jeopardy Chadwick may just have to give in to temptation…Tempted by a Cowboy by Sarah M. AndersonPhillip Beaumont is known for his striking looks and plentiful women friends, so when Jo Spears, his new horse trainer, arrives Phillip doesn’t expected her to resist his charm. Wooing Jo may prove a challenge!A Beaumont Christmas Wedding by Sarah M. AndersonMatthew Beaumont is determined to make sure his brother’s wedding goes off without a hitch, but the scandalous maid of honour, Whitney Maddox, could make matters difficult. Especially when Matthew has one wild night with her!

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