Husband For Hire

Husband For Hire

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Every Man Has His Price!Lost Springs Ranch was famous for turning young mavericks into good men. So word that the ranch was in financial trouble sent a herd of loyal bachelors stampeding back to Wyoming to put themselves on the auction block!IS THIS THE MAN FOR YOU?NAME: Rob CarterAGE: 36OCCUPATION: PathologistIN FIVE WORDS: Driven, ambitious, determined, spontaneous, sophisticated.BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT: Putting myself through medical school on a basketball scholarship.WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU: Living the good life in Denver.IDEAL WOMAN: Educated city girl with a high-powered, socially responsible career.Beautician Twyla McCabe was Dear Abby with a blow-dryer, listening to everyone else's troubles. But now her well-meaning customers had gone too far. No way was she attending the Hell Creek High School Reunion with Rob Carter, M.D. Who would believe a woman who dyed hair for a living could be engaged to such a hunk?

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