Essential Angioplasty

Essential Angioplasty

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A vast choice of techniques and technology confronts today’s interventional cardiologists, and those who are new to angioplasty need clear and practical guidance in order to develop good habits, avoid common pitfalls and become efficient and confident practitioners. Written to provide readers with a solid grounding in the basics of percutaneous techniques by providing selective, practical knowledge and a full range of useful tools and tips, Essential Angioplasty is: Ideal for those seeking a solid foundation in percutaneous interventions Designed for ease of use and retention of information; copiously illustrated with clear «take home messages» concluding each chapter Packed with over 300 tips and tricks which readers can apply in their training and practice Based on the authors' hands-on experience in the world's leading interventional cardiology training centers and years of proven teaching experience Throughout, the authors follow the motto «keep it simple» and focus only on the information that will help the reader learn and master the relevant technique. This makes Essential Angioplasty the perfect companion for trainees and others seeking a reliable guide to achieving success in the cardiac catheterization laboratory.

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