Shotgun Honeymoon
Terese Ramin

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Shotgun Honeymoon
Terese Ramin

“You make me different, you make me want to be different.”

A startled glow went through Janina. She blushed for the first time in…well, it felt like forever. Maybe it was. “I—I don’t know what to say. Thank you. You—I—”

The oh-so-gentle tip of Russ’s forefinger touched her mouth. “Dance with me?”


The one word was like magic, as though she’d said “Abracadabra.” Just that quickly, the outside fell away, she was in his arms and the music and Russ’s heartbeat were the only things she heard, felt, knew. The rhythm of her heart keeping time to Russ’s was what she moved to, the feel of his body against hers was all the cue she needed, the slightest pressure of his hand in the small of her back, of his thighs against hers, his knee between them while they swayed.

She reached her arms around him as far as they would go, to hold him, hold on to him. Make sure he was really there. “Neither one of us is dreaming. We’re both really here. Together, same wavelength. For a change.”

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Shotgun Honeymoon

Terese Ramin (


The granddaughter of an Irish Blarney Stone kisser (who, lowered by her ankles to do so, kissed it last at the age of ninety-six) and the oldest of eight, Terese Ramin has been surrounded by kids, chaos and storytelling all her life. At the request of her siblings she told outrageous stories late into the night, which caused a great deal of giggling among the kids and aggravation for her parents, who merely wanted them all to Go To Sleep! Terese lives in Michigan with five dogs, three cats, two kids and a husband who creates sawdust.

To all the waitresses who have waited on and fed me throughout the years, especially the ones at Little Chef in Brighton, MI. You guys are the best. And to the gang in the BT Bayou: thanks for the silliness factor.

For my darling daughter, Brynna, who goaded me into writing a different book from the one I originally had in mind. I love you with all my heart. Also for C. Rita Brigham, friend and student, who at eighty-plus may be full of vinegar but has failed miserably at turning into it. To shared laughter. Love you, my dear.


My sincere thanks to the following people: Annette Mahon, Cat Brown, Kristi Studts, and Karen K.—Arizona. Lillian Stewart Carl—title. Special thanks to Intimate Moments authors Melissa James, Lindsay Longford, Vickie Taylor and Linda Wisdom, who responded to a friend in need. As ever, all leaps of faith, lapses of reality and flat-out mistakes are wholly my own.

“Like newborn calves we will not be afraid of tigers.”

—2000 Chinese men’s Olympic gymnastics team motto



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Winslow, Arizona

July 17. Thirteen years ago

The worst nights didn’t start with a body on the ground. They began with a dispute that could end with a body on the ground, possibly his.

Russ Levoie, nineteen, and only three months out of the police academy, had known this going in. He’d seen it up close and personal on the Havasupai reservation where he’d grown up—not in his own family, but in too many of the other families. Poverty begat fear begat the need to numb it begat drinking—or some other form of self-medication—begat dispute begat violence. And the cycle didn’t alter with the scenery, it simply changed addresses. Nevertheless, here he was, headed into a trailer park on his own on a “see the woman” domestic-violence call because no one else was close enough to take it with him. And hot damn, didn’t that just make him feel peachy-safe.

On the other hand, if he’d really meant to feel safe for the rest of his life, he’d have chosen another line of work. But this was all he ever remembered wanting to do. Adrenaline pumping, he parked his car, radioed in his position, alighted and slid his nightstick into place on his left hip before unsnapping the holster flap on his right.

Across the dusty street, he saw a white curtain flutter back into place. The neighbor that had called in, he guessed, peeking out to see who’d arrived. He headed in that direction. The door was cracked open and a hand beckoned him through the chicken-scratch front yard. “They’ve stopped now,” the woman behind the screen said. Her voice was hushed as though in deference to the dusk. She carried a cigarette to her lips, lit it, inhaled and blew smoke from the corner of her mouth back into her trailer, away from Russ. Crossed an arm beneath her flat chest and propped her other elbow on it. The hand that held the cigarette to her mouth trembled.
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