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Season for Love
Velvet Carter

Darcy eventually left Randolph on the Runway to start her own design firm, but she and Lark had remained close.

Lark arrived first. She had never been to the trendy spa and glanced around at the zebra rugs and modern decor.

“Welcome to Brigitte Mansfield European Day Spa,” the receptionist said.

Before Lark could respond, Darcy rushed into the spa. “Sorry I’m late...” Darcy said. She was tall and thin as a reed. She had bronze skin and long, honey-blond hair. Before becoming a designer, Darcy had been a teen model. She was dressed in a sleek, cream-colored sheath and gold gladiator sandals.

Lark hugged her friend. “Hi there.”

Darcy air-kissed Lark. “How are you, sweetie?”

“Good. Just a bit stressed.”

“Well, that’s why we’re here. I promise you, after our spa day, we’ll feel as good as new. The masseuses here have magic fingers.”

“Right this way, ladies,” the receptionist said, leading them toward the back.

After Lark and Darcy had changed into terry-cloth robes, they were shown to a private area where they each had the spa’s signature facial.

“Hmm, this mask smells delectable,” Lark commented.

“That’s because it’s made with cranberries, truffle oil and almonds. I get this facial on a regular basis. This mask really helps to ward away those unsightly frown lines.”

Once their faces had been treated with tender loving care, they went into another room to get massages. They lay facedown on the table and let the masseuses work their magic. Lark closed her eyes and let her mind drift as the tension in her shoulders was kneaded away. The masseuse’s hands gliding over her skin felt wonderful. Suddenly, Lark’s thoughts shifted to Dash.

I wonder if he gives good massages.

Lark could picture Dash naked, drizzling oil on her skin, straddling her backside and rubbing his masculine hands up and down her back, caressing her tired muscles. After he had finished with her backside, she would turn over and let him smear the oil all over her breasts. She smiled at the thought of Dash taking her nipples between his fingers and rubbing them until they hardened. He would then admire her beckoning breasts, lean down and ever so gently lick and suck her nipples. Lark imagined Dash getting so turned on by her that his manhood would grow inch by inch until he was swollen with desire. He would then rub the head of his penis against the inside of her thigh and work his way up to her G-spot. Before slipping on a condom, Dash would tease her clit with his manhood until she was on the verge of coming. Lark’s face would twist with pleasure and then she would cry out the words Make love to me! They would take turns pleasing each other all night, until the bottle of massage oil was empty and their bodies were spent from hours of making love. Only then would they drift off into a well-earned slumber.

“Didn’t I tell you the masseuses here are amazing,” Darcy said, interrupting Lark’s naughty little daydream.

“I’m sorry. What did you say?”

“Were you asleep? I don’t blame you. This massage will definitely lull you into total relaxation.”

“Yes, among other things...”

After a few hours of being pampered like queens, Lark and Darcy left the spa feeling like a million bucks. They headed over to a Brazilian restaurant that had legendarily fresh cuisine and potent caipirinhas.

“Word on the street is that Sebastian quit RR and has started his own design firm. I understand he’s ramping up production to debut his line at the spring/summer show,” Darcy said once they were seated.

“Really? Is that so?”

“Yes, it’s all over the fashion blogs. He’s really ramping up a word-of-mouth buzz about his new collection.”

“Sebastian might talk a good game. However, I seriously doubt his line will be ready in time for the spring/summer show. And anyway, he’s lying about quitting RR. He didn’t leave on his own will. I fired him.”

“Oh, that’s news to me. Why did you let him go? When I interviewed Sebastian as my replacement, I thought he was a good fit for Randolph on the Runway.”

“He was, until he started getting arrogant and out of control. I hadn’t planned on letting him go, but he had no respect for me as his boss,” Lark told her and then recounted the story of how Sebastian nearly destroyed one of her designs.

“Oh, a bit like you were when you first started working with me, minus ripping one of the pieces,” Darcy said with a chuckle.

“Was I that bad?” Lark asked, sounding ashamed.

“Nothing I couldn’t handle. After you checked your attitude at the door, we got along perfectly.”

As they were talking the waiter came over. “Are you ready to order, ladies?”

“I’ll have the coconut shrimp with the mango salsa,” Lark responded.

“What’s better—the roasted chicken with plantains or the beer-battered fish?” Darcy asked.

“They’re both yummy. Personally, I prefer the beer-battered fish,” the waiter responded.

“Okay, fish it is.”

After the waiter left the table, Lark continued.

“Thanks again for having patience with me, Darcy. You really taught me a lot.”

“You were a quick study. Have you hired another lead designer?”

Lark’s mouth formed into a slight smile. “I have. His name is Dash Migilio.”

“What’s that smirk for?” Darcy asked, noticing the expression on her friend’s face.

“Just thinking about him makes me smile. Not only is Dash talented, but he’s gorgeous. He’s Italian-American with a handsome face and killer body. You should see the way his suits fit—it’s as if they were sculpted to his body. And he’s extremely talented.”

“Sounds like you have a major crush.”

Lark thought for a moment. “I guess I do. But of course I haven’t let on that my heart beats a little faster when I’m around him. See, that’s another thing you taught me—to act cool and collected around attractive men.”

“It might be hard to maintain control sometimes, but the more aloof you act, the more they’ll want you. Good-looking guys aren’t used to women ignoring them. They’re accustomed to ladies throwing themselves at their feet. Is he married?”

“No, but I think he has a girlfriend. I saw a picture on his tablet of him and a beautiful blonde cozied up on a beach. They seemed really happy.”

“Well, that’s probably for the best. A relationship with a coworker can be a slippery slope. When the relationship is going good, work can be heaven, but after the breakup...and there’s usually a breakup, coming to work can seem like a nightmare. Trust me, I know. I’ve had my share of work relationships gone awry.”

“You’re right, and that’s why I’m keeping my feelings to myself. Dash will never know how I feel. Besides, its just a little crush, which will soon fade away.”

Although Lark spoke the words, she had an inkling that her feelings for the young designer were more than a crush. A part of Lark was glad that Dash wasn’t available; she needed to stay focused on developing the new collection. However, another part of her wanted nothing more than to make her daydream of making love to Dash a reality.

Chapter 6 (#ulink_7905a80e-0bbb-53ec-b283-2603f49b5351)

Dash had settled into his new position as lead designer with full confidence and had taken charge of his team as if he had been with the company for years. Within a few days of starting, he had met with his team of four to present his vision for the new collection. He then reviewed their work individually and quickly assessed their strengths and weaknesses. Jessica had the most talent out of all her counterparts. Her designs were cutting-edge and out of the box. Dash had been reluctant to shower her with too much praise. He didn’t want Jessica to get the wrong idea. Dash had no romantic interest in the younger designer.

Although he was still in his twenties, Dash was mature beyond his years and a seasoned businessman. Having spent many summers working in his family’s textile mill, and learning every aspect of the business, Dash knew how to manage employees effectively. He could also design unique fabrics, clothing and accessories.
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