To Wear His Ring: Circle of Gold / Trophy Wives / Dakota Bride

To Wear His Ring: Circle of Gold / Trophy Wives / Dakota Bride

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She would be his Circle of Gold Diana PalmerSheltered Kasie Mayfield has met her match in the form of formidable rancher Gil Callister. She has just been hired by his younger brother as live-in secretary. She has a schoolgirl crush on her boss, but Kasie soon realises that it pales in comparison to the passion Gil awakens in her. Trophy Wives Jan ColleyLucy McKinlay couldn’t help but notice tycoon Ethan Rae’s rugged good looks, but it was the mystery lurking in those piercing eyes that caught her attention. He had a reputation for getting what he wanted and right now Ethan wanted answers…and Lucy was the means to getting them. Was Ethan above seducing Lucy to further his agenda? Dakota Bride Wendy WarrenWhen Chase Reynolds came to town, Annette Owens saw a man who dared her to take a chance on love. Yet up close and personal with all that raw masculinity, the pretty widow discovered she didn’t know the first thing about seduction! Or about Chase… And though she couldn’t resist Chase’s soul-searing passion and the bachelor dad clearly needed a bride, he hadn’t promised her his love…

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