Advanced 2D Materials

Advanced 2D Materials

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This book brings together innovative methodologies and strategies adopted in the research and developments of Advanced 2D Materials. Well-known worldwide researchers deliberate subjects on (1) Synthesis, characterizations, modeling and properties, (2) State-of-the-art design and (3) innovative uses of 2D materials including: Two-dimensional layered gallium selenide Synthesis of 2D boron nitride nanosheets The effects of substrates on 2-D crystals Electrical conductivity and reflectivity of models of some 2D materials Graphene derivatives in semicrystalline polymer composites Graphene oxide based multifunctional composites Covalent and non-covalent polymer grafting of graphene oxide Graphene-semiconductor hybrid photocatalysts for solar fuels Graphene based sensors Graphene composites from bench to clinic Photocatalytic ZnO-graphene hybrids Hydroxyapatite-graphene bioceramics in orthopaedic applications

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