Charitable Giving 2015 Supplement

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The definitive, accessible reference on charitable giving tax law Charitable Giving 5th Edition is the leading guide to the law, rules, and regulations governing charitable giving, completely revised, revamped, and updated to align with the latest developments in the industry. Written by Bruce R. Hopkins, the most respected name in the field, this book provides plain-English explanations and in-depth coverage, complete with detailed documentation, citations, and references. This updated edition contains new information on many aspects of giving law, including the extensive litigation concerning gifts of conservation easements and updates on the several special rules for unique types of giving, as well as updates on federal estate tax law, and case law on substantiation and appraisal requirements. Reader will find a summary of recent developments concerning recordkeeping, donor-advised funds, and much more. The companion website provides tables, appendices, IRS guidelines, and other related documents to help readers get organized and remain compliant amidst the rapid changes. Charitable giving law is constantly evolving, and remaining compliant can feel like trying to hit a moving target. This book is designed to keep lawyers, managers, and development directors in tax-exempt organizations up to date on the relevant regulations, with a deep understanding of how the regulations are actually applied. Understand the federal tax laws surrounding charitable giving Learn how recent legislation impacts specific taxes and documentation Examine the new regulations proposed by the Department of Treasury Gain access to tools that help ensure compliance More than a simple codification reference, this book provides explanation and interpretation from one of the foremost minds in the field. For those needing a charitable giving guide, Charitable Giving 5th Edition is a comprehensive, authoritative examination, and widely recognized as a classic reference.
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