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A Marriage By Chance
Carolyn Davidson

A Marriage By Chance
Carolyn Davidson

Her fool brother had gone and lost his half of the family ranch in a game of cards, leaving her to live with her brother's mistakes, and handsome cowboy Mr. J. T. Flannery. Then trouble struck the ranch, and Chloe had no choice but to accept J.T.'s offer of marriage–no matter how inconvenient!The only thing the stubborn beauty wanted less than a business partner was a husband, but it looked as if she was about to be saddled with both! But as the battle of wills between the two began to heat up, so did their mutual passion.…

“Dearly beloved…”

The minister’s gaze swept the onlookers, then focused on Chloe and J.T., a small smile curving his lips. “We are gathered together to join this man and this woman in the state of holy matrimony.”

“Who giveth this woman…” the minister began, and before the words could be fully spoken, Chloe’s brother muttered the appropriate response and pressed her hand into J.T.’s palm. And then she was caught up in the beauty of words and phrases that promised to change her life forever.

She spoke her responses in a voice that barely trembled, heard J.T.’s own vows offered in dark, husky tones and felt the cool circle of gold surround her ring finger as he placed it there. His kiss was circumspect, brief, but warm against her mouth. His lips touched her cheek and then whispered words against her ear.

“You won’t be sorry. I promise….”

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A Marriage by Chance

Carolyn Davidson

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Too often we take for granted those people we live with, the people who make out lives full and rich with their presence. This writer cannot write without an atmosphere conducive to her emotional well-being. I am fortunate to share a home with the mother of three of my grandchildren. So, to Merry, my friend for many years, and to Erin and Kelly Jon, who keep me young, I dedicate this book.

But most of all to the man who makes my life complete: to Mr. Ed, who loves me.


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Chapter One (#u8002c495-0c20-569c-9cc9-2fd37570a7f9)

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