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Gerrity's Bride
Carolyn Davidson

Gerrity's Bride
Carolyn Davidson

Emmaline Carruthers Shed More Than Her Clothes Under the Brutal Western Sun…Her "citified" ways went next, along with her plans for a quiet, dignified life. Instead, she found herself bound to a hotheaded cowboy in a most inconvenient marriage!Ranch foreman Matthew Gerrity was used to having things go his way. So why was he having so much trouble getting his Eastern beauty of a wife to accept that he was the one in charge?

Gerrity’s Bride

Carolyn Davidson

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To Penny Bice, who has given of her talents with true generosity of spirit.

My world became a better and brighter place the day we met.

And to Brenda Rollins, for allowing me the benefit of her skills and vivid

imagination. I appreciate all you do. Thank you, my friend!

But most of all, to Mister Ed, who loves me!


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Chapter One

Miss Emmaline Carruthers

Rawlings Farms

Lexington, Kentucky

It is my sad duty to advise you of

the death of your father, Samuel

Carruthers, who perished in a flash

flood, along with his wife, Arnetta,

on Tuesday last. We await your

instructions as to your interest

in their daughter, Theresa, five

years of age. Please advise as soon

as possible.

I remain your humble servant,

Oswald Hooper


“Surely even Hades could not be as miserable as this godforsaken place.” The whisper was spoken into the wind. The words were gone as quickly as they were uttered, and the disappointment inherent in those whispered syllables might never have been, except for the slender figure of the woman who still gazed with incredulous eyes at the barren landscape of Forbes Junction.

The train bearing her had stopped for a few moments to allow for her departure, then left her behind with a doleful blast of its whistle. Now it was but a dark stain against the horizon, its smoke trail dissolving into wispy tendrils in the still air.
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