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Carolyn Davidson

Her words spun a web of caring about him and John drew her into his arms, not caring that he might be pushing her in the wrong direction, unable to halt his movements as he lifted her chin with one forefinger and pressed his lips to hers. For the first time yielding to the temptation she so unwittingly offered. For up until now he’d eased his growing need for her with tender, brief kisses against her temple, her cheek.

And yet, there was a boundary over which he would not cross, would not make Katie think he thought of her as more than a friend. She was a woman, and though her behavior was that of an innocent, he knew only too well how a woman could lure a man into her web. And the thought of ever again being enthralled by a female was not one he harbored for a moment of time.

That Katie was of the same ilk as Sadie had been, he didn’t believe, yet she was a female, a woman with the duplicity of her gender, no doubt. Hadn’t she already brought him to a state of arousal on more than one occasion, merely by smiling at him, or by providing him with the comforts a man could expect from a woman. That she would no doubt withhold her kisses, should he venture to claim those lips was a given, for Katie harbored within her a fear he could sense.

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