Courthouse Steps

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WELCOME TO TYLERJUDSON'S ON TRIAL!Forty years after his wife's disappearance, Tyler patriarch Judson Ingalls has been arrested and charged with her murder! All eyes are trained on the proud Ingalls family as the dramatic courtroom battle grips America's favorite hometown.SHE'S HER GRANDFATHER'S DEFENSE COUNSELAmanda Baron knows she'll need all her courage and skill to defend her grandfather, Judson, against notorious state prosecutor Ethan Trask. She knows Judson is innocent, even though she only has to prove reasonable doubt.AND THE PROSECUTOR IS DISTRACTEDEthan Trask is convinced of Judson's guilt. But Amanda's shrewd courtroom strategy surprises him … and her quiet dedication charms him. He's determined to convict her grandfather, but he knows that if he succeeds, Amanda will never forgive him….

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