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Mother Earth's Children

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Mother Bean said: “I’ll mend the tatters;
While they are happy, nothing matters!”

SAID Dame Potato: “Hurry, Pat!
And wash your face and feed the cat,
Then run to school, or you’ll be late;
Just see! It’s nearly half past eight!”

“GOOD morning, friends! Know who I am?
I’m Raspberry who makes the jam;
You know – that on the pantry shelf —
I make that every year myself.”

WHITE Turnip said: “I’m pale, I know
And all our family are so.”
“I should advise,” said old White Beet,
“A course of sugar cakes to eat.”

RED Pepper said a biting word
Which Miss Green Pepper overheard;
Said she: “Hot words you can’t recall;
Better not say such things at all.”

SAID Miss Cucumber: “I have brought
My fan, because the day is hot;
Our family have a splendid rule, —
Whatever happens, we keep cool.”

MISS Parsley raised her plumy head,
And in her modest manner said:
“I’m only asked to dine, I know,
Because my dress becomes me so!”

GUMBO’S a splendid southern cook,
And, without looking in the book,
He’ll make a savory soup or stew,
And send it, steaming hot, to you.

THE Blueberry children love to run
Around the hillsides in the sun;
Smiling and jolly, plump and sweet,
Best-natured youngsters one could meet.

“EVERY one knows,” said Madame Beet
“My disposition’s very sweet;
And though to plumpness I am prone,
My color’s every bit my own.”

“MY new spring dress,” said Chicory,
“Is just as lacy as can be;
Shading from green to purest white
Its ruffles are my heart’s delight!”

FIG is the queerest chap; you know
The way that fellow starts to grow?
Just a small bud upon the bough,
No flower at all – that’s clever now!

THE pretty little ladies Rice
You’ll always turn to look at twice;
They came from India long ago,
And now they’re everywhere you go.

THE Currant ladies look so sweet
In their green dresses, cool and neat.
They offer you, for your delight,
Their strings of berries, red and white.

SAID Brussels Sprout: “I am so glad
That I’m such a good-looking lad.”
Horseradish said: “I’m glad I’m plain
If good looks make a chap so vain.”

SAID Rutabaga Turnip: “Wow!
I just escaped that hungry cow;
I jumped behind a great big tree
Or she’d have surely eaten me!”

THE Blackberry children love to run
And play beneath the August sun
Until each little maid and man
Takes on a friendly coat of tan.

CARRAGEEN makes his bow to you.
He’s a sea child, that is true,
But he’s so jolly – never cross —
His other name is Irish Moss.

“THE person they named after me,”
Said Oyster Plant, “lives in the sea;
I’m very sure I could not sleep
‘Rocked in the cradle of the deep.’”

YOUNG California Artichoke
Exclaimed: “It is the richest joke
That many people, young and old,
How to eat me must be told!”

“DEAR me!” Madam Muskmelon said,
“Those children will not stay in bed;
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