Slow Burn
Jamie Denton

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Slow Burn
Jamie Denton

Maggie LaRue doesn't know who she is. All she remembers is passing out in the arms of a gorgeous man.When she awakens, she's in a hospital, apparently lucky to be alive. Injured in a fire, Maggie doesn't know her real name or what she was doing in an abandoned paint warehouse all by herself. The one thing she's sure of? Her overwhelming desire for sexy paramedic Cale Perry…Determined to help Maggie, Cale offers to let her stay with him until her memory returns. But staying platonic isn't as easy as he'd hoped…and it's definitely not what his body wants! He knows he should keep away from her, that he'd only be taking advantage of her. But if he's right, Maggie's feeling the heat between them, too.…

“You sure you want to play this game?”

Maggie laughed at Cale’s words. She knew without a doubt she was playing with fire, but the slow burn of desire in the pit of her tummy was too intoxicating for her to walk away now.

The wicked grin on his face should’ve scared her off, but instead of hightailing it to safety, she deliberately crossed the kitchen toward him. “When I play,” she told him, “I play to win.”

His laughter warmed her as he set the dishes on the counter. He turned and slowly peeled the filthy T-shirt over his head, revealing inch by delicious inch of his well-tanned, muscular torso.

She itched to smooth her hands over the texture of his skin, to press her lips to that glorious wall of flesh. As she wrestled with the wisdom of her actions, he tossed the shirt aside and reached for her. With his hands locked firmly on the swell of her hips, he backed her up against the refrigerator and pressed his body into hers.

“So do I,” he whispered, his breath hot against her ear. “And I won’t lose.”

Dear Reader,

The idea for SOME LIKE IT HOT first came to me when one of my closest friends decided to pursue a new career, that of an EMT followed shortly thereafter by her successfully becoming a firefighter. Our discussions during her education and training fueled my creative fire to the point I could no longer ignore the three sexy hunks you’re about to meet.

This month, meet Cale, a hot and sexy paramedic with a penchant for saving damsels in distress, something that often leads him into trouble. Every man loves a mysterious woman, but what could be more intriguing than a woman without a past…especially a past she can’t remember?

Join me again in October, when a blistering Heatwave isn’t all that’s heating up for arson inspector Drew. Will this diehard playboy finally torch his little black book? In November, things get even hotter when firefighter Ben comes Under Fire when he’s asked to fulfill the ultimate fantasy—of the woman investigating him.

I would love to hear from you! Feel free to drop me a line anytime at P.O. Box 224, Mohall, ND 58761 or Be sure to stop by my Web site at for the latest hot and steamy news!

Until next month,

Jamie Denton

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Slow Burn

Jamie Denton (

For Crystal Denton


My first trilogy for Harlequin Temptation would never have become a reality if it wasn’t for the help of a few people. First, Leslie Nielsen. Without her patience in answering my questions these stories would never have been possible.

To the crew of the Somers Fire Department, for generously sharing their time and expertise. My editor, Jennifer Green, for always making me look good.

My agent, Ethan Ellenberg, for his wonderful guidance and support.

And, as ever, Tony, my own special hero, for his love and steadfast encouragement.

I wouldn’t be here without any of you.


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