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The Fertility Factor
Jennifer Mikels

The Fertility Factor
Jennifer Mikels

SHE WANTED TO HAVE HIS BABYAs a nurse at the city's busiest birth center, Lara Mancini knew all about delivering babies. But what she really wanted was a child of her own, and her secret crush–handsome, charming Dr. Derek Cross–was ideal father material. Didn't he have an adorable five-year-old son to prove it?But her biological clock was nearing its final countdown. So Lara would have to light a fire under her reticent boss and do more than steal a passionate kiss in a trapped elevator. Because she didn't just want Derek's baby–she wanted everything that went with it, including a march down the aisle with this sexy single dad….

He’s your boss, your boss, your boss, Lara repeated to herself.

Derek’s deep-set, hazel eyes narrowed with concern. They were filled with immeasurable warmth as he asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” The world is spinning, and I’m getting older. And all I can think about is how sexy you look.

“Do you need anything?”

She shook her head, thinking she might tell him how she ached to hold her own baby someday. “Are you here with your son?” she asked, straining for a smile. He’d make beautiful babies, she decided.

“Joey and I came to the park to play catch. And for his favorite, hot dogs.”

“That’s a favorite of mine, too.” Lara stood up to leave. “Well, I’ll see you back at the office.” She swung away, smiling. With excruciating honesty, she admitted how difficult it was to ignore the emotions he stirred within her.


In midstride, she paused and shot a look over her shoulder at him.

His long, hard look nearly melted her bones. “You look terrific.”

Breathe, Lara, breathe. “Thank you.”

Dear Reader,

We’re delighted to feature Jennifer Mikels, who penned the second story in our multiple-baby-focused series, MANHATTAN MULTIPLES. Jennifer writes, “To me, there’s something wonderfully romantic about a doctor-nurse story and about a crush developing into a forever love. In The Fertility Factor (#1559), a woman’s love touches a man’s heart and teaches him that what he thought was impossible is within his reach if he’ll trust her enough.”

Sherryl Woods continues to captivate us with Daniel’s Desire (#1555), the conclusion of her celebrated miniseries THE DEVANEYS. When a runaway girl crosses their paths, a hero and heroine reunite despite their tragic past. And don’t miss Prince and Future…Dad? (#1556), the second book in Christine Rimmer’s exciting miniseries VIKING BRIDES, in which a princess experiences a night of passion and gets the surprise of a lifetime! Quinn’s Woman (#1557), by Susan Mallery is the next in her longtime-favorite HOMETOWN HEARTBREAKERS miniseries. Here, a self-defense expert never expects to find hand-to-heart combat with her rugged instructor….

Return to the latest branch of popular miniseries MONTANA MAVERICKS: THE KINGSLEYS with Marry Me…Again (#1558) by Cheryl St. John. This dramatic tale shows a married couple experiencing some emotional bumps—namely that their marriage is invalid! Will they break all ties or rediscover a love that’s always been there? Then, Found in Lost Valley (#1560) by Laurie Paige, the fourth title in her SEVEN DEVILS miniseries, is about two people with secrets in their pasts, but who can’t deny the rising tensions between them!

As you can see, we have a lively batch of stories, delivering diversity and emotion in each romance.

Happy reading!


Karen Taylor Richman

Senior Editor

The Fertility Factor

Jennifer Mikels

www.millsandboon.co.uk (http://www.millsandboon.co.uk)


is from Chicago, Illinois, but resides now in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband, two sons and a shepherd-collie. She enjoys reading, sports, antiques, yard sales and long walks. Though she’s done technical writing in public relations, she loves writing romances and happy endings.


So much excitement happening at once!

The doors of Manhattan Multiples might close.

The mayor and Eloise Vale once had a thing.

Someone on the staff is pregnant

and is keeping it a secret.

Romance and drama—and so many babies in the big city!

Dr. Derek Cross—Best-looking single-dad doctor in the city, or at least that’s what Lara Mancini thinks. But with a painful divorce under his belt and his busy life, will Derek surrender to secret fantasies about his nurse?

Lara Mancini—Dr Cross’s nurse is in love with her boss. And while Lara loves taking care of people, her biological clock is ticking. Will she and Derek find a way to stop time in its tracks?

Allison Baker—Assistant to Manhattan Multiples’ director, this shy beauty is about to let loose for the first time in her life. And when she does, one Prince Charming will find her irresistible and will go to the ends of the earth to find his runaway princess.

A man walks into a bar…and meets the woman of his dreams. Can a firefighting hero and a vivacious free-spirit pull off the performance of a lifetime without falling in love? Find out in next month’s HIS PRETEND FIANCÉE, by Victoria Pade (SE #1564).



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