Texas Brides: The Rancher and the Runaway Bride & The Bluest Eyes in Texas: The Rancher & The Runaway Bride

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THE RANCHER AND THE RUNAWAY BRIDETate Whitelaw has had enough of her older brothers interfering in her life. So she decides to split from the ranch and does what any young, red-blooded girl would do–run straight into the arms of rancher Adam Phillips. Adam's in no mood to rescue a damsel in distress, but his heart has other ideas. Tate has no clue that her estranged brother, Jesse, is as close as the neighboring spread…and Adam has no intention of telling her.But when she discovers that Jesse is a ranch hand next door, Adam has some explaining ahead of him. Add in the three Whitelaw boys, who show up to make sure their sister's an honest woman, and there's nothing left to say except «I do.» THE BLUEST EYES IN TEXAS When debutante Lindsey Major came under the protection of Texas Ranger Burr Covington, she discovered her greatest challenge yet. Because Burr was determined not to succumb to her charms–despite the desire she saw simmering in his eyes…

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