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Borrowed Identity
Kasi Blake

Borrowed Identity
Kasi Blake

APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEIVING…A groggy Kelly Hall didn't understand why her dead husband was standing in front of her, telling her their wedding night that had ended in his grisly "murder" had all been a dream. Was she going insane or was someone trying to kill her? Sinister threats lurked in the melancholy halls of Moore House…and all Kelly could be certain of was that this cold, magnetic man who bore an uncanny resemblance to the Michael Taggert she vividly remembered marrying was suddenly fiercely protective, cloaked in mystery and set off a lightning bolt of desire at the merest touch. As passion and peril spiraled out of control, would Kelly trust her life to the man whose deception could shatter the only love she'd ever known?

In a fit of panic, she lunged at the door, slammed it shut and twisted the lock into place

Kelly laughed at herself, seeing humor in her sudden paranoia. The legend of Moore House was actually getting to her. What was next? Would she hear bumps in the night? Rattling chains at midnight moving down the hallway?

Her home was miles from town. She savored the isolation, using Moore House to hide from prying eyes. Not many people were brave enough to step inside the black wrought-iron gates surrounding the property. Very few would willingly approach the massive Victorian mansion. Hardly anyone dared to grasp the brass lion’s head knocker in their hand long enough to see it.

They were afraid of ghosts.

The dead didn’t bother her. She was more afraid of the living.

Dear Harlequin Intrigue Reader,

At Harlequin Intrigue we have much to look forward to as we ring in a brand-new year. Case in point—all of our romantic suspense selections this month are fraught with edge-of-your-seat danger, electrifying romance and thrilling excitement. So hang on!

Reader favorite Debra Webb spins the next installment in her popular series COLBY AGENCY. Cries in the Night spotlights a mother so desperate to track down her missing child that she joins forces with the unforgettable man from her past.

Unsanctioned Memories by Julie Miller—the next offering in THE TAYLOR CLAN—packs a powerful punch as a vengeance-seeking FBI agent opens his heart to the achingly vulnerable lone witness who can lead him to a cold-blooded killer…. Looking for a provocative mystery with a royal twist? Then expect to be seduced by Jacqueline Diamond in Sheikh Surrender.

We welcome two talented debut authors to Harlequin Intrigue this month. Tracy Montoya weaves a chilling mystery in Maximum Security, and the gripping Concealed Weapon by Susan Peterson is part of our BACHELORS AT LARGE promotion.

Finally this month, Kasi Blake returns to Harlequin Intrigue with Borrowed Identity. This gothic mystery will keep you guessing when a groggy bride stumbles upon a grisly murder on her wedding night. But are her eyes deceiving her when her “slain” groom appears alive and well in a flash of lightning?

It promises to be quite a year at Harlequin Intrigue….


Denise O’Sullivan

Senior Editor

Harlequin Intrigue

Borrowed Identity

Kasi Blake

www.millsandboon.co.uk (http://www.millsandboon.co.uk)


At twelve years of age Kasi Blake decided to be a writer and modestly rewrote the ending of a popular classic. She has an insatiable desire to read everything she can get her hands on. When she isn’t writing or reading, she spends time with her favorite nephew, paints with oils, travels and shops until she drops. She resides in Missouri with her two cats.


Kelly Hall—Either she’s losing her mind or someone is trying to make her think she is.

Michael Taggert—He has a job to do, and he can’t let anyone get in his way. Not even the beautiful blonde down the hall.

John “Paddy” Paddington—The private investigator has gambled away his future, but ten million in diamonds might be the ticket to his freedom.

Margo Lane—Kelly’s neighbor has disappeared, leaving her dog to fend for himself.

Mona Hall—Kelly’s mother is in a mental hospital for life.

Zu Landis—The assassin has been sent to do a job, but did he kill the wrong man by mistake?

Elvin Grant—His “boss” wants Kelly to sell her house. How far is he willing to go to convince her?

Wade Carpenter—This mildly retarded man has a way of finding things. Did he see something the night the killer struck?

To my mom for supporting my writing habit when

everyone else thought it was a waste of time.

And for all the “mom” things you do. Love you.


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