Orphans of War

Orphans of War

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What brings you together can tear you apart…“Nothing would be safe in the world after this…”It is 1940 and England is in the grip of the Blitz. As the bombs fall, the orphaned Maddy Belfield is evacuated to the Yorkshire Dales to live with her remaining relatives – those that haven’t been killed in the blast which destroyed her home.But the war has a way of bringing people together, and Maddy soon finds a strong group of friends out in the Dales – friends who swear to stay together for life. When tragedy strikes, can their promises hold? Will their friendships stretch across the country? And can childhood games hide a bigger secret than anyone could have imagined?ORPHANS OF WAR is a moving tale of love and loss that brings the terror of World War II back to life and shows how strong the bonds of friendship can truly be.

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