Shopping Series. Full
Lewis Foreman

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Shopping Series. Full
Lewis Foreman

Изучаете и используете английский? Хотите освежить свой словарный запас или просто прочитать что-нибудь интересное? Тогда эта книга для Вас! 3 части и 30 рассказов о самых распространенных ситуациях при покупках в магазинах и не только. Разные герои и сюжеты. Только на английском! Читай, изучай, получай удовольствие!


This book will help you remember a lot of necessary and useful words and combinations that you are going to use in casual situations and small talks while doing the shopping.

The following episodes are combined in order to provide you with an opportunity of memorising some words and phrases just reading stories of different people about their shopping.

Enjoy and learn!


When you are starving

New T-shirt

Batteries are dead

Run out of paper for a printer

Washing means

New rucksack



Tennis rackets


Story ONE

When you feel hungry

Paul is hungry. He is thinking of going to a nearby supermarket where he can buy some food and beverages. So, he takes his wallet and goes out of his apartment. He has to walk one block till the supermarket. Paul has got a shopping list. There are several items for today. They are cereal, some fruits and vegetables, a carton of milk and a bottle of juice. Paul has to buy some canned food for his cat as well. The supermarket is not large so Paul finds everything he wants to buy rather fast. The aisles with the food from his shopping list are located near to each other. After Paul has got all in his shopping cart he goes to the cash desk. He pays with cash. The cashier gives his change to him. Another employee at the cash helps him put all the foods into the paper bags.

Paul takes his bags and returns home.

Story TWO

New T-shirt

The other day Paul was making an order in his closet. He threw some old clothes away.

Today he is going to visit some clothes boutique.

His favourite one is situated in the downtown. It is called “Parzanni”. Paul prefers this shop since it offers a great selection. Besides, there are always his favourite colours and styles. He is going there by bus.

A shop assistant is helping him with the selection.

Paul is purchasing two T-shirts and a pair of shorts.

They look fashionable. They cost not so much. Paul is taking them till the cash. He asks an employee there to wrap them up.

Paul pays in cash. He dislikes using credit cards.

After the shopping he goes back home and puts his new clothes into a wardrobe.


Batteries are dead

Last night Paul couldn’t turn his wireless mouse on. The batteries got dead and the device didn’t work.

So Paul is going to a local household shop where he can find all kinds of batteries. He is planning to purchase some batteries for future using.

The household shop is located not far from his dwelling. It takes him ten minutes to get there.

He is welcome by a shopkeeper who is ready to help him with the buyings. Paul buys two packages of batteries. There are sixteen batteries in each pack.

The price is medium here so Paul doesn’t care about that.

When Paul comes back he places the batteries into the computer mouse. Now it works properly.

Paul puts the others batteries into the desk drawer.

Story FOUR

Run out of paper for my printer

Today Paul has found out that he can’t print anything because he has run out of paper.

Last week he printed out too many pages since his friend had asked about that.

So Paul has to purchase some more. He is going to a stationary shop. There is a great choice of different kinds of paper there.

Besides, Paul has got a bonus card from the shop. He will use it at the shop and get a discount.

A shop assistant is very polite. He tells Paul about their selection. Paul likes one of the offers. He purchases two packs of paper. The price is not very high. Besides, he will get double amount of bonus points.

Paul pays for the paper and goes back home.

At home he prints the necessary docs out.

Story FIVE
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