Paris by the Book: One of the most enchanting and uplifting books of 2018

Paris by the Book: One of the most enchanting and uplifting books of 2018

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HELLO!’s ‘Pick of the Week’A whirlwind mystery and unravelling love story set in a little bookshop in the heart of Paris.What readers are saying about Paris by the Book:‘Heartbreaking, moving and completely riveting.’‘Quirky and unusual.’‘Atmospheric and with a lot of charm.’‘An engaging book perfect for reading with a coffee.’‘A contemporary tale of love, loss and books…a literary lover’s delight.’Some stories are still waiting to be found.In a city of millions, it’s easy to lose someone…Twelve weeks before Leah Eady arrived in France, her husband disappeared. Early one morning, he walked out the door and never came back. All he left behind was a scrumpled note in a cereal box, leading her to the bustling streets of Paris.Once she arrives, she discovers a mysterious unfinished manuscript written by her husband, and set in the very same city. Hoping to uncover more clues, Leah takes over a crumbling bookshop with her two young daughters, only to realise that he might just be closer than any of them ever imagined……but what if he doesn’t want to be found?Don’t miss the breathtaking debut from Liam Callanan, perfect for fans of Nina George, Victoria Hislop and Muriel Barbery.

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