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On-Air Passion

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Game on, CupidBasketball star Ahmed Clark’s wealth made him a target for money-grabbing groupies. He’s since left sports behind to became an Atlanta radio show host- one who is famously cynical about romance. But from the moment gorgeous, upbeat Elle Marshall goes on air to promote her business of creating perfect dates for couples, it’s a whole new ballgame. And for the first time, he’s off his guard.Idealistic Elle believes in love, even if she has yet to experience it. She and Ahmed clash and sizzle over the airwaves—and even more so when the station arranges a media-friendly Valentine’s date for them in response to the irrefutable excitement from his audience. Elle’s passionate response to Ahmed’s touch spurs powerful, mutual desire, until past hurt places him on the defensive. Putting his heart in play is the riskiest move Ahmed’s ever made, but it’s the only way to earn a shot at her love…
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