Аудиокнига Wicked Game

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ONE BY ONE, THEYLL DIE...Twenty years ago, wild child Jessie Brentwood vanished from St. Elizabeths high school. Most in Jessies tight circle of friends believed she simply ran away. Few suspected that Jessie was hiding a shocking secretone that brought her into the crosshairs of a vicious killer....UNTIL THERES NO ONE LEFT...Two decades pass before a body is unearthed on school grounds and Jessies old friends reunite to talk. Most are sure that the body is Jessies, that the mystery of what happened to her has finally been solved. But soon, Jessies friends each begin to die in horrible,freak accidents that defy explanation....BUT HER...Becca Sutcliff has been haunted for years by unsettling visions of Jessie, certain her friend met with a grisly end. Now the latest deaths have her rattled. Becca can sense that an evil force is shadowing her too, waiting for just the right moment to strike. She feels like shes going crazy. Is it all a coincidenceor has Jessies killer finally returned to finish what was started all those years ago?

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