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Strictly Seduction: Watch Me

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Three sizzling ballroom dreams are about to become glittering reality!SparkleMeagan’s thrilled with her new job as producer of TV’s hottest new dance show. But with the show under threat, she’ll do anything to keep it on the air – even if it means trusting frustratingly gorgeous Sam and ignoring the simmering attraction they share…Spotlight Darla loves everything about being a reality dance show’s host…except her competition, Blake. Not only did he humiliate her on his show, but now he’s her new co-host! Can she really share her spotlight with him?ShineFor top choreographer Kat, working in Las Vegas on a glitzy new TV dance show is the perfect chance to shine…until she learns that the director is her ex-husband, Jason! After ten years apart, is Kat ready to start again? Or will this be their last dance?
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