The Path to the Sea

The Path to the Sea

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'Atmospheric, emotional and full of mystery – an absolute pleasure from page one' Veronica Henry ‘The Queen of the contemporary Cornish novel’ The Guardian Sometimes going home is just the beginning… Boskenna, the beautiful, imposing house standing on the Cornish cliffs, means something different to each of the Trewin women. For Joan, as a glamorous young wife in the 1960s, it was a paradise where she and her husband could entertain and escape a world where no one was quite what they seemed – a world that would ultimately cost their marriage and end in tragedy. Diana, her daughter, still dreams of her childhood there – the endless blue skies and wide lawns, book-filled rooms and parties, the sound of the sea at the end of the coastal path – even though the family she adored was shattered there. And for the youngest, broken-hearted Lottie, heading home in the August traffic, returning to Boskenna is a welcome escape from a life gone wrong in London, but will mean facing a past she’d hoped to forget. As the three women gather in Boskenna for a final time, the secrets hidden within the beautiful old house will be revealed in a summer that will leave them changed for ever. The Path to the Sea beautifully evokes the mystery and secrets of the Cornish coast, and will be loved by fans of Kate Morton and Rachel Hore PRAISE FOR THE PATH TO THE SEA 'Atmospheric, emotional and full of mystery – an absolute pleasure from page one' Veronica Henry 'A wonderfully evocative story, packed with secrets and emotion’ Judy Finnigan ‘With wit and skill, Fenwick illuminates the small, often overlooked moments that shape and define a life. These are tales that draw you in and keep you engaged until the last page is turned’ Deborah Harkness ‘Evocative and compelling, a glorious tale of the choices women make for love. I adored it’ Cathy Bramley ‘Vivid and beautifully written, Liz Fenwick is a gifted storyteller’ Sarah Morgan ‘A warm and feelgood romance that will have you pining to feel sand beneath your feet’ Woman’s Weekly ‘Full of emotion and mystery’ HELLO! ‘Sweeping, romantic and gorgeously evocative of Cornwall’ BEST

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