Frontier Want Ad Bride

Frontier Want Ad Bride

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Bride by MailMail order bride Judith Jones has barely arrived in Pepin, Wisconsin, before she’s whisked away to prepare for her wedding to Asa Brant. Though something about Asa seems so familiar, how do two strangers become husband and wife? Especially when Judith senses Asa’s hidden sorrow. His kindness in helping two young orphans could win her heart…if only he’d open up to her.Determined to start over after four years of brutal war, Asa moved away and sent for a mail order bride. He had no idea the woman answering his ad would be the sister of his former soldier-in-arms. The less he reveals, the fewer painful memories to confront. But Judith’s compassion—and two loving children—might just show them the path to true happiness…Wilderness Brides: Finding love—and a fresh start—on the frontier

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