The Billionaire's Intern - Part 4

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In Part Four of The Billionaire's Intern, Addison walks away from her powerful billionaire boss—straight into the nearest bar. There's no way Logan Black would come and find her there, surely. Especially after the hurtful things they said to each other. But then the door opens and she feels it…feels him. Now, if she'd only summon the courage to open her eyes…Once you've finished the exciting conclusion to The Billionaire's Intern, look out for the next installment of the Forbidden Series, billionaires who can look, but shouldn't touch!Collect all three novels in The Forbidden Series:THE BILLIONAIRE'S INTERN by USA TODAY bestselling author Maisey YatesTHE BILLIONAIRE'S FANTASY by USA TODAY bestselling author Kate HewittTHE BILLIONAIRE'S INNOCENT by USA TODAY bestselling author Caitlin Crews

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