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The desire that exploded in Mastered continues its conflagration in Dominatedfrom the New York Times bestselling author of the Surrender Trilogy.To save her, he had to betray her.In Drakes shadowy world, his enemies would exploit any weakness he had in order to bring him to his knees, and so hes never allowed himself to care about anyonenever exhibited any vulnerability, and it made him a force to be reckoned with. Until Evangelinehis angel. A woman who slipped past his defenses like no one had ever managed. She was his to protect and ultimately, to do that, he had to do the unthinkable and drive the only good thing in his world away.But he will stop at nothing to get her back.Devastated and destroyed, Evangeline doesnt know what made Drake turn on her in such a shocking manner. She only knows shell never be the same. He once freed her from all her inhibitions, only now she is a prisoner to never-ending pain. But when Drake finds her again, she realizes there is more to his world than she ever imagined, and she must decide if she can once more trustand submitto the man who holds her wounded heart in his hands. And he must convince her of just how far hell go to regain her love and forgiveness.

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