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Brides And Blessings

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Brides And Blessings
Molly Noble Bull

FROM MOVIE STAR…TO A PASTOR'S WIFE?Actress Suzann Condry took on a tough role when she traded lives with her twin sister, Holly. Suzann needed to get away from Hollywood…and Holly believed Suzann might find both peace and faith in charming Oak Valley.Anything can happen when twin sisters trade lives!Could Suzann convince everyone she was the sweet church librarian? Especially Josh Gallagher, the handsome assistant pastor who looked like a rugged rancher. Suzann feared he suspected her…until he asked for a date. She soon dreamed of an "ordinary" life as Josh's wife. But would Josh still love her once he learned her true identity?

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“Everybody thinks you’re perfect

for the job,”

Josh assured her.

“Who’s everybody?” Suzann demanded to know.

He counted with his fingers. “Well, there’s me…and…” A mischievous grin appeared on his handsome face and he touched his second finger. “Then there’s me, of course, and there’s…”

“You?” She laughed softly. “I think I get the picture.” Suzann shook her head. “Josh Gallagher, you’re impossible.”


He gazed down at her, the tender light in his sky blue eyes reminding Suzann of the brief kiss they’d just shared at her doorstep.

Her smile faded and she looked away.

“Nothing’s impossible,” he said quietly. “You just have to go after what you think God wants for your life.”


A lifelong Texan, Molly Noble Bull is married and the mother of three grown sons, Bret, Burt and Bren. She and her husband, Charlie, also have three preschool grandchildren and are hoping for many more. They own a home in the Texas hill country, but currently live in Victoria, Texas.

Both her father and her maternal grandfather were ranch managers, meaning they were real-for-sure Texas cowboys, and all three of her sons are involved in cattle ranching today. Molly spent part of her childhood on a sixty-thousand-acre, south Texas cattle ranch. When she writes about cowboys like Josh Gallagher, her hero in Brides and Blessings, she is writing from personal experience.

Besides her writing, Molly is involved in Christian causes and is interested in Bible prophecy. She also helped form three Internet loops for Christian women who write romance novels. She encourages readers to write to her in care of Love Inspired/Steeple Hill, 300 East 42nd Street, Sixth Floor, New York, New York 10017.

Brides and Blessings

Molly Noble Bull

www.millsandboon.co.uk (http://www.millsandboon.co.uk)

Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within

me, bless His holy name.

—Psalms 103:1

To my three grandchildren—

Bethanny, Dillard and Hailey Bull,

and to my critique partner, Kathryn King Brocato.
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