The Sickening Mind: Brain, Behaviour, Immunity and Disease
Paul Martin

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The Sickening Mind: Brain, Behaviour, Immunity and Disease
Paul Martin

‘A masterpiece of popularization’ Times Literary Supplement‘A fascinating account, based on objective scientific research, of the ways in which mental states affect the individual’s liability to disease… Martin is a highly civilised scientist, who seasons his text with witty parentheses. He also provides many examples from literature, ranging widely from Shakespeare, Goethe and Hardy to Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Kafka… Interesting, informative and a pleasure to read.’ ANTHONY STORR, Sunday Times‘Excellent’ JON TURNEY, Financial Times‘This most accessible account of a difficult subject blows away some prejudices and pleasingly justifies others… Martin is a biologist whose style is considerate of the layman…and it is a tribute to his own benignly infectious enthusiasm for his subject that his closing thoughts are encouraging… Remarkable.’ ALAN JUDD, Daily Telegraph‘Compelling… Balanced and impressively up to date… The tone of voice, the open-minded but critical intelligence should uplift the quality of the debate… Martin’s lucid account of possible mechanisms of the connections between mental states and personality traits and illnesses is a notable triumph of his book… Excellent.’ RAYMOND TALLIS, Times Literary Supplement


The Sickening Mind

Brain, Behaviour, Immunity and Disease

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1 The Body of Knowledge (#ud26d3cc4-3b7f-55fa-9782-e3acf5552f8b)

Opening shots (#ulink_361cd1f3-1180-5376-bd98-12d51508f07e)

Iraqi SCUDs and Chinese grandmothers (#ulink_a03a0375-bb36-56e8-9b42-cfb72302d522)

Roundheads and Cavaliers (#ulink_011df192-260c-55b1-b532-878cbbd23a63)

Some completely fictitious case histories (#ulink_cbdc7471-a244-5760-b409-2bb00e475860)

Invisible worms (#ulink_5f3dedd9-3ba1-56cf-af99-157987a589a8)

Chronic fatigue syndrome (#ulink_73c02687-43b8-5972-b949-9a8fd38127f4)

2 Shadows on the Sun (#ubc6a8713-70d3-5079-94ae-6d52e99eb748)

Death, disaster and voodoo (#ulink_79bccec0-a415-5389-b691-78aa06a37b76)

Trouble, strife and sickness (#ulink_d6201d15-ce08-52f8-9afd-395d324b0ae5)

Life events (#ulink_85b3ee42-9a10-5f71-86ae-a9181b1e2470)

The mind and the common cold (#ulink_04c04a16-7bbc-595d-a4cb-8cb2a1ecf99d)

3 Psyche’s Machine: The Inside Story (#ue680ba01-4ae0-52d5-b453-64de2c02446a)

The perception of sickness (#ulink_38148d81-a026-5676-a8a0-6da6aa4d98ad)

Bad behaviour (#ulink_1597396e-0015-50be-ab30-a3c6773d2551)

Mind over immune matter (#ulink_0d633df9-32f2-56cf-b436-768561095379)

Understanding immunity (#ulink_834fa598-d874-5d3f-8179-47014b2f6793)

Autoimmunity (#ulink_5534e5bf-a953-5781-962a-c137163d3960)

Measuring immunity (#ulink_7a76037b-032b-5cc8-8d80-0c668590994c)

The mind – immunity connections (#ulink_d9c0de52-48c2-5f53-ab6b-906615b95fc9)

4 Mind and Immunity (#u3593387a-d114-56d6-b8ea-0c6ccbeb1021)

What can the mind do to the immune system? (#ulink_029cb533-faa3-505c-96c5-d79dc540e8ff)

Bereavement and nuclear disasters (#ulink_526114b1-cdea-562d-8fd4-d81dd0f7c99c)

Spaceflight, exams and other nastiness (#litres_trial_promo)

Does it matter? (#litres_trial_promo)

What can the immune system do to the mind? (#litres_trial_promo)

Depression (#litres_trial_promo)
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