World Health Systems

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Your all-in-one companion for health personnel World Health Systems details different health systems, including their related health insurance and drug supply systems, in various parts of the world with both macro- and micro- perspectives. The book is arranged in five parts: the first part presents, from multidisciplinary perspectives, outlines of various health systems throughout the world, as well as current trends in the development and reform of world health systems. The second and third parts expound on the health systems in developed countries, discussing the government's role in the health service market and basic policies on medication administration and expenses, before analyzing the health systems of Britain, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Germany, France, Japan, Poland, USA, Singapore, Hongkong (China), and Taiwan (China). The fourth and fifth parts discuss health systems in less developed countries and areas, typically the BRICS and other countries in Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Armenia, and Kyrghyzstan), Africa (Egypt, Morocco), Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, and Bulgaria) and South America (Cuba, Chile, and Mexico), summarizing their past experiences, while making assessments of their current efforts to shed light on future developments. Details a variety of health systems throughout the world Compares their fundamental features and characteristics Discusses their respective strengths and shortcomings Provides insight from an author who holds multiple impressive titles in the health sector Public health professionals and academics alike will want to add World Health Systems to their library.

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