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Taking action

The finished product

In my videos I pay a lot of attention to opinions of people from different spheres about what made them who they are and what helped them to achieve something. For example, in the video about CFMUNESCO conference I interviewed a boy who was marked as the best delegate of our Red Cross’ Committee. According to his words, practice and background are the most important factors. In my opinion, it is rather interesting to speak with somebody who is better than you in some spheres and learn from their experience. My videos are related to my global context in terms of qualities, experiences, such communities as school and events as a conference or a lesson. It meets my criteria and the further I went, the better the quality was because of my experience.

Improving and challenges

My personal goal is not only to present my project and make videos, but also to learn and improve myself. Discovering and expressing ideas is the key part of my “media-research”. I also have my interviewing-research as the main part. Working with a camera requires a lot of experience. Editing took plenty of time to practice. I chose the camera and tripod for it which are rather lightweight and because of it are not difficult to carry by myself. I chose a format which, in my personal opinion, is not boring. While editing I changed scenes to make videos more active. Working with sound is more difficult than I thought at the beginning. In a professional studio it is not a problem to record something adequately, but doing it in your flat needs a long preparation and plenty of dupes only because I have neighbors who can make some noise. There are also so many editing programs, but I used “Pinnacle studio 20” from the beginning. At first I wanted the one which was less complicated, but then I realized that a professional program gives lots of material to use and, even in the future, it still will be a great help in work, for example, to switch from one scene to another using an original transition.

The great challenge for me was standing with my camera for two hours on CFMUNESCO conference trying to remember the process and the main ideas to make editing faster and more productively. Interviewing was more challenging because of the critical thinking while communicating and trying to be like a professional. My research gave me all the ideas for my product. In some of the final parts of “the serial”, I decided to return to the idea of International Baccalaureate. So, I asked my teachers if I could go to the IB lessons and shoot a video. Well, they agreed, so I am working on my short movie about MYP right now and, in fact, I want this one to be the best, showing everything I have learned about working with equipment by myself for more than one year.

I want my product to be a sort of motivation for younger IB students and an example of achieving goals.

Communication and working with supervisor and mentor

The main idea about communicating with my mentor is that it was not complicated. In fact, I decided to recognize my father as my mentor because he did a lot to help me with my project. He also believed in me, but I said that I was going to do all by myself. He is not a professional, but from the time my father was a student, he has enjoyed taking photographs and has a good understanding of working with camera, scenes and editing. My supervisor, without any doubts, plays one of the main parts in my work. It is not my first personal project, but the first English one. When I did a social project, I had a whole team, and now it is obligatory to do my product and research on my own. It was hard for me to write an essay perfectly and answer the questions, connected with the process journal and the timeline. The role of a supervisor is to go over my global context and product, giving advice and meeting me to control the process. Instead of information, my supervisor gave me the most precious thing – motivation to continue, to reflect and to think about something new and original. She taught me how to think out of the box. I have got some reflections from my process journal included.


The final product and its response to criteria

My product took a lot of time to make from filming to editing, but it was a great experience which I believe taught me how to do many things by myself. I made a great effort in order to respond to my evaluated criteria and standards of quality of videos on YouTube. Of course, comparing with some professional TV channels or films, my work is not ideal. And the whole process still has got some weaknesses which I want to moderate in future. But I tried to think about myself at the start of the project and of my personality in the end – I have made a great progress! I have upgraded my tech part, informational part and self-development part. I have also made plenty reflecting-pages in my process journal. I have achieved my goal and my project has made the whole theme much wider.

The topic, the global context and self-development

I have developed so many important must-have skills for the human of the 21

century that I could not even imagine! I have learned a lot about personalities and differences between opinions of people from non-similar parts of society. Now I feel more confident in my inquiry question and I hope that my product will help others to better understand the topic and its influence. I have worked with books of famous and not so famous authors. I think that while reading every book I become more complete as a person and every single one has surprised and amazed me by its originality. Studying human nature really makes me think out of the box.


Managing my time and interviewing people was the hardest part psychologically, but editing videos also was a great challenge – of course, I wanted them to be better and better and finally I had learned everything by heart, but there were still a lot of adjustments to do. In my opinion, overcoming difficulties is obligatory while creating the final product. If it was too easy, it would not be such an experience!

Future updates and continuing my work

Why would not I become a blogger? I have asked this question many times. I have already started this process of creating video-content and learned how to work with editing, filming and planning. The point is there is no need to do something stupid without any informational value I have already found some channels where I can find motivation and useful lifehacks or ideas. I am sure that in the near future I will try to continue my work. I have a lot of information and personal experience to share, for example, my background in MYP or interviewing, film-making, learning English, etc. I feel really proud of myself in case of overcoming a great deal of challenges and developing a new part of me!


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