Golden Fool

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Prince Dutiful has been rescued from his Piebald kidnappers and the court has resumed its normal rhythms. There FitzChivalry Farseer, gutted by the loss of his wolf bondmate, must take up residence at Buckkeep as a journeyman assassin.Posing as a bodyguard, Fitz becomes the eyes and ears behind the walls, guiding a kingdom straying closer to civil strife each day. Amid a multitude of problems, Fitz must ensure that no one betrays the Princes secretone that could topple the throne: that he, like Fitz, possesses the dread beast magic. Only Fitzs friendship with the Fool brings him solace. But even that is shattered when devastating revelations from the Fools past are exposed. Bereft of support and adrift in intrigue, Fitz finds that his biggest challenge may be simply to survive.Praise for Robin Hobb and Golden FoolFantasy as it ought to be written. Robin Hobbs books are diamonds in a sea of zircons. George R. R. Martin ranks near the top of the high fantasy field. juggles all the balls with aplomb, besides providing spot-on characterizations. Publishers WeeklySolid storytelling with warmth and heart. The Kansas City Star

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