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Tracker's Sin

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Before his trade became his name, «Tracker» Ochoa was a scrawny Mestizo runaway. Now as fearsome as he once was frightened, he's joined the notorious Hell's Eight. . . and they have a job for him.He must rescue kidnapped heiress Ari Blake and deliver her to the Hell's Eight compound—by any means necessary. Turns out that includes marrying her. Tracker hadn't bargained on a wife—especially such a fair beauty. But the erotic pleasures of the marriage bed more than make up for the surprise.Tracker's bronze skin and dark, dangerous eyes are far more exciting than any of Ari's debutante dreams. In the light of day, though, his deep scars and intensity terrify her. But he's her husband and she's at his mercy. With the frontier against them and mercenary bandits at their heels, Ari fears she'll never feel safe again.Tracker, too, remembers what fear feels like. Though he burns to protect Ari, he knows that money, history—and especially the truth—can tear them apart.

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