A Drive-By Wedding
Terese Ramin

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A Drive-By Wedding
Terese Ramin

HIS HIJACKED WIFEAllyn Meyers was inexplicably drawn to the jogger running alongside her car even before he hopped in and kidnapped her at gun-point. But dangerously handsome Jeth Levoie was no ordinary carjacker. He was an undercover agent who'd just risked everything to save a child's life. And the only hope Jeth and the infant had of staying alive now was if Allyn would become his wife! But when Jeth sealed their temporary pack with a soul-shattering kiss, Virginal Allyn was drawn to him like a moth to the flame. And Allyn somehow knew that fate–not chance–had brought them together. Could she turn their drive-by-wedding into a real-life trip down the aisle?

What a choice: rock, hard place, deep end of the ocean, Jeth thought.

He opened his eyes and sighed. “Okay. I probably need my head examined, but okay. Wife.”

“Husband,” Allyn confirmed, then wrapped her hands around his wrists and stood on tiptoe to seal the pact with a kiss.

If he hadn’t recognized it previously, that was the exact instant Jeth knew he was lost. And knew he had to walk away from Allyn.

So he kissed her back with feeling, an early goodbye, with all of himself poured into it. With longing and desire, but mostly with need.

“Wow,” Allyn murmured, dazed, when he lifted his head. “Wow. That was—that was—” She blinked. “Can we do that again?”

Jeth smoothed back her hair with his thumb, more than a little bemused himself. “Yeah, definitely,” he muttered, cherishing her mouth, her being.

And therein lay both salvation and destructive flame.

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Executive Senior Editor

A Drive-By Wedding

Terese Ramin

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lives in Michigan with her husband, two children, two dogs, two cats and an assortment of strays. When not writing romance novels, she writes chancel dramas, sings alto in the church choir, plays the guitar, yells at her children to pick up their rooms (even though she keeps telling herself that she won’t) and responds with silence when they ask her where they should put their rooms after they’ve picked them up.

A full-fledged believer in dreams, the only thing she’s ever wanted to do is write. After years of dreaming without doing anything about it, she finally wrote her first romance novel, Water from the Moon, which won a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award in 1987 and was published by Silhouette in 1989. Her subsequent books have appeared on the Waldenbooks romance bestseller list. She is also the recipient of a 1991 Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer’s Choice Award. She hasn’t dreamed without acting for a long time.

For all those who are just learning to claim

their power as a woman

and for

All those who are old enough to have claimed theirs.

May you all seek what you find.

To my own best beloved, Bill,

guardian angel to children and little old ladies


And to Ann Leslie Tuttle,

whose patience should be named Legion.


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