The Drake Diamonds: His Ballerina Bride

The Drake Diamonds: His Ballerina Bride

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The Drake DiamondsHis Ballerina BrideFormer ballerina turned jewellery designer Ophelia Rose has caught the eye of the new CEO of Drake Diamonds, Artem Drake, but she has more secrets than the average woman. Can a kitten and diamonds help these two lonely souls come together in snowy New York City?The Princess ProblemPrincess Aurélie Marchand never flouts the wishes of her father. But when she’s set to marry a man she doesn’t love, Aurelie escapes to glittering New York City. Appearing on Dalton’s doorstep, she immediately tries his patience, but can the runaway royal become his forever bride?It Started with a DiamondFranco Andrade's first love has always been the polo team that hastily sacked him. World-class equestrian and jewellery heiress Diana Drake's still recovering from the loss of the sport she's always cherished. Can Franco help his new fiancée capture the diamond of the century… and repair her shattered heart?

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